Thanks to Thad, Noah, Paul and others, we are starting a blog to introduce the deeper teachings of the Buddha, sometime called the supra-mundane Dhamma.  This blog has been started with the permission and full knowledge of Bhikkhu Achan Pho, abbot emeritus, Wat Shan Mokkh, Chai-ya Thailand, Home of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa. While there are many web site dedicated to Bhikkhu Buddhadasa, this site will focus on the supra-mundane, including and starting with Supra-mundane right view, a view that in noble and investigation oriented, rather than belief oriented.

The contents of this blog will be drawn from dialog done through emails and Skype.  While the Buddhist Religion has been prepare for a mass audience, and traditionally delivers to a mass, audience, The Supra-mundane Dhamma of the Buddha is best taught in a private setting where the spiritual friends can assist the students in correct understanding by way of question and answers, Sutta comparisons, and instruction on correct practice that will lead to you joy, well being and happiness for a long time. To do that one must give up both the suffering caused by beliefs, but also the vast knowledge of beliefs themselves that each one has built up over time.

Dhammarato means to delight in the Dhamma, to delight in the Dhamma, one must put it into practice and make it into a skill. Happiness is a skill, it is the skill that will help one to stop seeking enlightenment and to clearly see that you are that Already. One merely needs to drop the burdens of life to become detached to the 4 modes of clinging and be free to be in a state of delight anytime one can remember to be happy.  The Supra-mundane Dhamma teaches that Happiness is a skill to be developed.

The four modes of clinging will be discussed in detail as well as the practice of anapanasati bhavana, that is mindfulness of breathing and the development of that as a skill.